Beijing Auto Show 2012

28 Apr

It was the year of the dragon at the Beijing Auto show this week.
Aston Martin, Smart, and Chrysler’s Jeep all unveiled dragon-themed cars at the motor show this week. Jeep made the biggest splash, with dragon designs sketched into the hood of the car. Even the the model showcasing the car had a dragon tattoo.
China now leads the world in car sales with nearly 20 million vehicles sold annually.
And Paul Eisenstein of the Detroit Bureau says all that buying power is giving Chinese consumers a greater say in how cars are designed.
Car makers are tailoring their designs more and more to reflect Chinese tastes. In some cases, that means luxury cars with larger back seats to accommodate wealthy Chinese consumers, who like to watch TV or surf the web, while they are chauffeured around.
It’s Electric
Several electric vehicles were also unveiled at Auto China 2012.
General Motors unveiled plans for its second-generation “Electric Networked Vehicle.” It’s a two-seater (see photo in slideshow above) that looks like something out of Buck Rogers. But despite carmakers showcasing electric cars in Beijing, China isn’t going electric as quickly as expected.
In 2009, China’s leaders pledged billions of dollars for research and called for annual sales of 500,000 cars by 2015.
The government is scaling back those numbers after fewer than 2,000 electric cars (mostly taxis) were sold in China this year.
Foreign-Chinese Mashups
The other big trend out of the auto show: mash-ups of foreign and Chinese-designed cars.
Eisenstein said that domestic Chinese carmakers now have about 30 percent of the Chinese market. The government is trying to increase those numbers by encouraging joint China-only brands.
Analysts say that Chinese companies with strong ties to foreign automakers are likely to be in the best position to survive the increased competition in the marketplace.
Photos Beijing Auto Show

Finally, Bentley once again showed the Lamborghini’s sister car, the controversial EXP 9 F Concept. They also announced that it will have a range of powertrains, including a W12, V8, and a V6 Hybrid model. Look for styling to change before production.

Lamborghini presented the Urus at the show, their first SUV in nearly 25 years. They expect China to be a huge market for it.

Ribbon dancers helped attract some attention to this Haima 7 SUV.

Huatai showed off a special “Porcelain Edition” of its B11 four-door.

There were also concepts from Chinese manufacturers. The Chery @Ant Concepts are new ideas on urban transportation. They sure look interesting.

Toyota showed this interesting looking Fun-Vii concept.

Land Rover chose to debut a Range Rover Evoque that was styled by Victoria Beckham at the show.

Along with the RS Q3, Audi showed a long-wheelbase, electric version of the A6, called the A6 e-tron.

While the BMW i8 Concept Spyder premiered online before the New York show, BMW chose to wait until Beijing to show it in person.

The Mercedes Concept Style Coupe made its world premiere in China. Look for it to hit the streets as the CLC in the near future.

Bugatti brought along the 1,200 horsepower Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

While the Q3 debuted in Detroit, the high-performance RS Q3 Concept was shown for the first time in China.

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