Oldest Animals: Life Spans Of Elephants, Tortoises And More Species

1 Aug
Human longevity is increasing all the time. But compared to some other animals, a human’s average life span (about 78.5 years according to the CDC) is nothing to brag about. One bird celebrated his 79th birthday, and a certain reptile became a father for the first time at age 111.

We found seven creatures who get to spend a long time on Earth, some for hundreds of years.

Bowhead Whale
Average Life Span: Over 200 Years 

Giant Tortoises
Average Life Span: 100 Years

Average Life Span: Over 100 Years

Asian Elephants

Average Life Span: 60 Years 

Average Life Span: 40 – 60 Years 

Western Lowland Gorillas

Average Life Span: 50 Years

Manx Shearwater

Average Life Span: 15 Years But There Are Impressive Exceptions

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