Raksha Bandhan – The Bond Of Purity, Love And Protection Between Soul And God

2 Aug

Rakshabandhan – as per tradition, sisters apply tilak on the forehead of their brothers, tie a rakhi or thread on their brother’s wrist, and offer sweets as a token of their love. In return, the brother vows to protect his sister and gives her kharchi or gift. But can a brother really protect his sister today, what if he is very young; what if they are miles away; what if the sister is in emotional pain? Is it only sisters who need protection, do brothers don’t need physical and emotional protection. When we look at our festivals on a physical perspective then the customs are only physical and the concept is of physical protection. On a deeper spiritual perspective we understand that every soul needs protection from its own vices, which are causing us constant pain. Today we all are in pain because of our ego, attachment, anger, jealousy…we need protection. The soul’s protection lies in bonding itself with God, which is the purest and highest relationship.

When I the soul apply the tilak of soul consciousness, that is remain in the awareness that I am a pure, powerful, peaceful soul, I see every other being as a pure soul, and hence my consciousness shifts from ego to respect and acceptance. I the soul tie the sacred thread, i.e. take the pledge to stay in my original nature of peace, love, purity, wisdom, mercy… my every thought, word and action becomes elevated and divine. The more I purify my consciousness, the stronger is my connection with God. As I create a strong connection, I receive God’s gift – His powers and blessings, and these powers become my protection from my vices. Sweetening of the mouth is symbolic that when we overcome our vices, our every word and gesture will be sweet.

As we celebrate rakshabandhan with our siblings, let each one of us, the soul, internally bond our self with God, and pledge to create pure and beautiful thoughts and sweet words and gestures.


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