Meditation On Experiencing My Original Loveful Nature

1 Sep

 I sit in silence, letting my thoughts go away from the outer world… I allow my mind to relax… to calm down… I focus my attention on the heart of my being… My heart is like a sacred silent place where I can feel what I really am… I am peaceful and light… a loving soul… strong… secure… kind…

I have many virtues and qualities that I can share with others… Now my attention is going towards the quality of love… I imagine love like a seed in my heart waiting to awaken… grow… and blossom… like a rose… For this, I only have to accept… believe… feel… that I am a soul full of love… child of the Ocean of Love… I am a spiritual rose flower… radiating the spiritual fragrance of love…

Letting go of the past… letting go of expectations… fears… negative feelings… forgiving… opening my heart… feeling that it is cleansed and this energy of love is as pure as the clean water flowing from a waterfall. Nothing and nobody have touched it… this is a love that asks for nothing in exchange… the love of a clean heart is unselfish… free of ego and expectations… It makes truth and sincerity grow… acceptance and understanding… I open my heart completely to love… I inhale deeply… I visualize my heart filling itself with this energy of pure love… I exhale slowly… and I visualize radiating this light of love from the deepest part of my heart towards the world… I am a beautiful soul of light radiating peace and love… I am love… I love myself and accept myself and others…

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris 

The Relationship Between My Conscience And Intellect

31 Aug

To act from a state of truth, it is important to realize the relationship between my intellect and conscience and what role these two play in experiencing this state of truth in my thoughts, words and actions. The quality of my thoughts, words and actions is based on the quality of my intellect and conscience. There are three different stages of the intellect conscience relationship.

* The first stage is one in which my conscience and my intellect, both are so pure and transparent that whatever is right and true is naturally brought into my thoughts, words and actions and nothing negative or impure manages to enter into my thoughts, words and actions. 
* The second stage is one in which my conscience acknowledges that which is the truth, but the intellect does not have the strength to be able to bring the truth into practical. The conscience tells me one thing, but my intellect pulls me elsewhere, and it overpowers me. I do what I know I shouldn’t.
* The third stage is one in which my conscience is not clean enough or aware enough to acknowledge the truth so the question of it influencing the intellect to bring the truth into practical does not arise. As a result my intellect, which is not at all backed by the conscience in this state, takes complete control of me. I do what I shouldn’t and I am not even aware of it.   

When my intellect overpowers my conscience repeatedly, my conscience loses its influence on my intellect. As a result the conscience keeps weakening until its voice is stifled or silenced. As a result of that, I can then no longer discriminate between truth and falsehood. I will feel that there are no fixed ways of defining right and wrong, that each has their own judgment or definition of truth and falsehood. True spiritual knowledge, which gets stored in the intellect, and the experience of meditation, which purifies the intellect as well as my conscience, both together, make me aware of the definition as well as give me an experience of what is the truth and what is false, what is right and what is wrong. As a result of that, I am able to maintain the first stage of the intellect conscience relationship very easily in my day-to-day actions.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Beginning Your Spiritual Journey With Acceptance

30 Aug

Sometimes, in order to get a desired result from a process, we need to let go of our resistance and trust the process initially. In order to restore our personal relationship with the Supreme Father or God, we need to let go of our old beliefs temporarily and trust the path or process of spirituality. Given below are some facts of spirituality, which if accepted initially, will help you experience the Supreme Being easily:

1.  Accept that the soul and the Supreme Soul are separate energies with the same form.  They are both points of spiritual light, extremely small in size but with immense amount of capabilities, virtues and powers; the Supreme Soul, having more of them than the souls.

2. Accept that we must be proactive in building our relationship with the Supreme (and not depend only on Him) and also be aware, that like any worldly relationship, this one also takes a little time to develop.

3. Accept that the re-establishment of the loving connection with the Supreme requires the letting go of, not the material world of objects and people, but our attachment to them.

4. Accept that God does not reside in the physical world, He is not present everywhere as is the common belief, but He is a very real, individual and unique Being, staying in the incorporeal (non-physical) or soul world, situated beyond the physical world.

5. Accept that God is a loving Parent of the soul who does not give sorrow, pain or punishment to His children but who only wants the best for them — He is a gentle and understanding Father and Mother who not only knows why we loose our true self awareness and, as a result, create sorrow for ourselves; but also helps us regain that awareness.

6.  Accept that experiencing God does not require blind devotion. Also accept that it does not take many births of penance to find and establish your connection with the Supreme – only one second, and the right kind of thoughts. The process of creating the right, positive and spiritual thoughts so as to connect with God is called meditation.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris 

Freedom From The Dependency On The New

27 Aug
One of the dependencies that the consumer society promotes is dependency on the new. You have a car but today a new, better one is coming out. You have a mobile but the new one on the market today has more features and yours is now obsolete. The same thing happens to the television, MP3 players, DVD players, etc. Today you have some clothes but tomorrow the fashion will be different. We find the need to fill ourselves with more and more. This way an addiction to the new is generated. We get bored quickly and we need something apparently new and different all the time.

Some people need to buy new clothes all the time because it makes them feel better; they feel the newness, is this normal or is it actually an addiction to the new out of boredom, is it discomfort with oneself and the inner need to impress and please others that sometimes some people seem to possess. It is actually living in the superficiality ‘of the pair of jeans or the saree’, not in the inner essence of being or soul. It is to use time to distract oneself and not to construct creatively. It’s not as if buying new stuff or going shopping is wrong but when it becomes a dependency, when it becomes a source of boosting your self esteem, that’s a sign that you are going wrong.

In the market, there always appears the novelty (newness) of the same product wrapped differently. There always seems to be a new soft drink, a new kind of chocolate, but they are really the same products as always. The only thing that changes is the packaging and their image. Some children, whenever they go to the market, want the new kinds of biscuits, pastries, etc. They always want new things that then stay in the fridge. We encourage this by telling little children that happiness is stimulation, the new is stimulating, and comes from the outside or you get it from the outside. We create an addiction to the new; in this case, to the newness of the packaging. What kind of newness is that!

When, in order to be happy, you need to go shopping, you try to fill yourself with something that isn’t you. You try to find wholeness by filling your life with material things. A soul who is spiritually awake knows that they are already complete and they do not need to depend on the purchase of something new regularly for feeling full internally. The only effort is in remembering and reconnecting with their whole self, their complete self; reconnecting with their inner treasures of spiritual wisdom, virtues and powers.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Negative Control And Domination In Relationships

24 Aug

In a lot many of the different types of relationships we find ourselves in, may they be our personal relationships or at the workplace, we sometimes feel ourselves to be in a position where we feel we are being dominated and controlled negatively by the opposite person. A very common example of the above negative energy, in personal and non-personal relationships, is when someone gets angry with you and manages to make you react and get upset, they mange to dominate you. Over a period of time they start realizing that they possess an invisible and powerful remote control, using which, whenever they want to control you, what they should do is to get angry with you and that way they will achieve the desired control. Their anger becomes a remote control. When you react you are allowing this control or allowing the other’s remote control to work. It is you that chooses to allow yourself to be influenced and dominated. It is important for us to realize that we can choose and take the decision to allow ourselves to be controlled and dominated, or we can choose to express what we feel without being affected by the reaction of the other and still maintaining our love, respect and good wishes for the other.

Let us not allow ourselves to be dominated and influenced by entities external to us which includes objects and people or we will lose energy. Each moment we allow another person’s remote control to work successfully or we allow an object to control and dominate our emotional state, we weaken internally. We become like a puppet in the other person’s hands. A puppet is never powerful because it does not act on its own but is controlled by someone else. We need to prevent that, if we want to conserve our energy and remain spiritually strong. Meditation and spiritual knowledge both increase our spiritual strength and also increase our self esteem or self respect over a period of time. Both these increases help us remain in self control and not only disallow the other’s remote control to work but also become assertive (not aggressive) and take a stand when required.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Soul Power Over Role Power

23 Aug

Every act that we are involved in throughout the day is made possible or real by two entities – role and soul working in conjunction with each other. Although, it is a spiritual fact that the soul is the master and makes the role function, without the soul the role cannot function; while playing any role in our day-to-day life we tend to forget this fact and our entire focus falls on the role that is to be played, forgetting that by doing that, we bring down the probability of success of that role in our personal or professional life. Focusing positively on the soul and its components while playing the role fills the role with soul power and focusing on the role and its components while playing the role fills the role with something you could call role power. We need to create a balance between the role and the soul and a balance in using both role and soul power to bring about the success of the role, the role could be of any type. Even a project that you have to work on in the office which is going to last for a month is an example of a temporary role you have to play. There are many other examples of roles – getting your child’s homework done, preparing food for the entire family, doing charity work at the club together, taking part in an extracurricular activity in school or college, etc.

Any such or other role will consist of some or all of these components – various tasks, interaction with people or relationships, mediums like wealth and other objects, time, knowledge of everything connected with the role including the components that make up the role, etc. All these components are physical in nature and make up the role. The power that these components possess makes up what we call role power. Now, what happens is that as soon as we step into the role each day or on a particular day, obviously our aim is to bring about success of the role, but to achieve that, our entire focus falls on using the power of the role, neglecting the immense potential that soul power possesses. We spend our day and night in streamlining the role components for the well being of the role, not realizing that this purpose could be more easily achieved, if the focus is more on using soul power, obviously without neglecting role power (without which the purpose cannot be achieved).

The power of inner silence or the silence of my mind – Silence is a power. The fewer the thoughts in my mind and the more powerful, positive, peaceful and focused they are, the more my mind will contribute to the success of the role on a subtle level. My silence is regularly tested when faced with negative situations or obstacles. The more successful I am in maintaining this stage in such situations, the more is my treasure of silence collected over a period of time and the more positive the influence of this silence will be on my physical role and the success of various tasks connected with the role.

The power of inner and outer carefreeness, happiness and contentment – Happiness not only inside but also giving others an experience of the same through my face, my eyes, my words and actions full of lightness and enthusiasm, etc. while coming in contact with them. Ensuring I am content with myself and others and also others are content with me. Regular periods of discontentment or unhappiness either within me or in my relationships affect the success of my role adversely.

The power of good wishes, desires and feelings full of love for others, while coming in contact with them. These type of feelings will bring good wishes in return from the other to you, which will not only empower you, but will also assist your physical role on a subtle level.

The power of complete purity and cleanliness in thoughts, words and actions – A state where one is not under the influence of vices like anger, ego, attachment, greed, hatred, jealousy etc. 

The 8 main powers – the power to tolerate, accommodate, face, pack up, discriminate (or discern), judge (or decide), withdraw and co-operate – their implementation on an internal and external level i.e. not only in words and actions, but also on a thought level. Where there is lack of any of the above powers inside me, there will definitely be waste and you will be weakened, which reduces the probability of success of your role.

The power of truth or spiritual wisdom – A state where the self has deeply realized and understood eternal truths of the soul, the Supreme and the Law of Karma and has drawn immense amount of power and experience from that knowledge. The power of physical knowledge would fall under role power, which has been explained earlier.

By focusing on each of the above components of soul power and those explained in yesterday’s message, by giving them more weightage and using them along with the components of the role, which were mentioned in yesterday’s message, one can experience the desired success in any role in any sphere of life very easily without much effort.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris 

Characteristics Of The World Stage

20 Aug

 There are three things that we all have in common;
      – of ourselves and others
   – the sharing and exchange of energy with others
         – the ability to produce thoughts, ideas, concepts and feelings and express them.

The purpose of our life is nothing more than living life itself – to be self-aware (awareness), to be creative, to express ourselves to our highest potential (creativity) and to exchange the energy of love with those around us (relationships). But this cannot happen in the incorporeal, silent home of the soul (commonly called paramdham or shantidham). These characteristics of life require action, a costume (physical body) through which to express ourselves and a stage on which to act. The physical world provides the stage on which we can move, bring to life, create, relate and express all that is within us.  For each of us the possibilities are infinite.  

The moment we take birth in a physical form, we are constantly doing one of three things: acting, reacting, or interacting – sometimes all three together.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris